The Leadership Margin

Motivational speaking, team building and leadership coaching

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The talk was inspirational, humbling, thought provoking, educational, fascinating and with the right level of amusement, common sense and cross referencing to our own business.

James Del Mar, Knight Frank

Our leaders were uplifted following the session and feedback from them has been universally positive. We expect to see some real benefits as a result.

Carl Arntzen, Worcester Bosch

I have witnessed firsthand the dramatic impact that Harry can have on individuals and on groups of people in many different ways.

Alun Carter, Worcester Warriors

We have invited Harry on several occasions to speak to our pupils and each time, he has inspired and motivated leadership with his ideas and wide experience. He has also been a huge support in helping to develop our Leadership Diploma programme.

Dan Eglin, Malvern College

Harry has a natural way of relaxing the group allowing for real interaction and the chance to explore challenging areas and topics. His experience in leadership and his ability to simplify problems were evident throughout. I would highly recommend him to any organisation who wants to further understand the challenges of remaining at the top of their field."

P Moores, Head Coach, Lancashire CCC

The quality of the presentation delivered by Harry was matched by his impact on the cohort of Elite coaches. His experience and leadership philosophy challenged us all to think again. Harry has a quiet authority that demands attention when he is talking. Harry is also working with us in a mentoring capacity.

David Bunyan

Harry proved to be a very stimulating guest speaker for the Senior Player Leadership Group. His insight into team dynamics and the role of leaders within teams was very valuable as we build towards the World Cup. The players certainly took on board the messages and there was a noticeable impact on the Senior Players and the way in which they led the rest of the team following their time with Harry.

Stuart Lancaster, England Rugby